John Myhre

AS: How do you feel about the future of production design? You were saying earlier about how sometimes you’ll build ten feet of the set and the rest of it will be visual effects. Do you see that happening more?
JM: Completely. That’s absolutely the future and it’s really exciting. And the fact is there have been some amazing movies made that have been virtually all against blue-screen. But there’s still somebody designing all that. There will always be production designers. And now we have these amazing new tools that we can extend sets in the ways that we never have before. It’s fantastic but it’s still the same job.

AS: Any final words?
JM: I feel that I’m the luckiest guy in the world to do this and I’m always happy when I come into work every day. Nothing worse than walking onto a set and hearing people complain about something. And you go, Well, Goodness Gracious, we’re working on a Movie! Isn’t that fantastic?


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