Sarah Greenwood

Sarah Greenwood

AS: Have you always wanted to be involved in films or is it just something you fell into through the theater?
SG: I wouldn’t say that I set out to be a production designer, no. When I started out I didn’t know that you could go and study theater design. I went from theater to television because the creativity in theater was not what it could be and I thought, Well, if it’s not overly creative then I might as well go to television and make loads of money and not be overly creative. TV is amazing -I just love the speed with which you turn things around. In theater you spend three months designing and building one set that’s on stage for three months. Whereas in film and TV you might have six weeks to design ten sets and get them in and out. It was like a total revelation. A completely different approach to designing.

AS: One thing I noticed in the first Sherlock Holmes was how many sets there were!
SG: There are even more in Sherlock 2! It’s just absolutely crazy. The mad things that you get to design! It’s a good game to be in. I love it, really.

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