Guy Hendrix Dyas

AS: I heard that next year some 140 films are slated to shoot in Louisiana. By contrast, films being shot entirely in Los Angeles may be in the single digits next year. Do you see Los Angeles ever returning to its days of film production glory or do you see art department crews all taking up residence in places like New Orleans?
GHD: It’s an interesting question but I haven’t had the opportunity to work in Louisiana yet. I’m guessing film production will always be attracted by out of state and foreign tax incentives but whether this means a permanent relocation of our film industry I don’t know. I still recall when everyone was talking about relocating to Canada when so much film and TV production was going there. Things are always changing in our business and all you can do is remain as flexible as possible.

AS: How do you see the future of production design? Is it shifting towards fewer sets and more greenscreens?
GHD: Our industry is changing rapidly and it’s normal for production designers to wonder what the future holds. I tend to be optimistic and not only because I have a background in VFX but because films will always need the contribution of artists and to me a green screen is a tool, it’s not a craft, and tools can never replace crafts, someone still has to envision the environments for these stories to take place in.

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