Patrice Vermette

Someone that you click with and you have basically the same philosophy with about filmmaking. And that person will take you onto their feature film project. It might take four, five, or six years to write it and to finance it but eventually they will finance it. One of the directors that you work with will get their project on the road. Might not be a great budget but you just do it. Do it with your passion.

AS: Would you say passion is important as a production designer?
PV: Yeah of course, it’s the drive, it’s the fuel. On days you feel tired that passion has to push you to try to go further, to go the extra mile. It’s the passion that drives you. It’s the motor of everything. If you’re not passionate, even in life, you’re wasting your time on earth!

You have to be passionate with food, you have to be passionate with music. People who say food is just to feed yourself- that’s boring! Come on, have fun! Having fun is also a key thing. When you’re passionate you have fun because you don’t count the hours.

We’re lucky enough to have the best job in the world so you might as well enjoy it, right?

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