Michael Novotny

Michael Novotny

Shooting in Thailand was like that, in the hill tribe area of Chiang Mai and by Phang-nga and Phang-nga Bay. You know, the sea gypsies -those were amazing cultures and it was just delightful being there. Working there and building there. You go to the ends of the Earth. I’m in a very bizarre hotel in Phang-nga and I’m in the lobby and I’m thinking, How the hell am I going to get an art department here? And the guy who runs the hotel says, Well, there’s an art department leaving. I’m like, What? It’s Victor Kempster and he’s been doing Heaven & Earth with Oliver Stone and he wants to sell all his drafting tables.

AS: Wow.
MN: Those surprises happen. Generally speaking, it’s a wild ride. Now I love being calm in my backyard. I like getting off the road. I’ve been on the road a long time. I really appreciate my family and being home. But I’d say for a new designer get out there and go to as many corners of the Earth as you can.

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