Ralph Eggleston

But I’ve seen some animated films that are better designed than many live action films, no disrespect to anyone. The day Ratatouille came out I didn’t see any live action film better designed than that film. Harley Jessup should have been more recognized for his work on that film than he already was.

AS: Do you want to write and direct more films yourself?
I would love to direct some day, but when I see what some directors go through, I’m more happy to be their support than to be in that particular hot seat. I love production design. I’ve had a front row seat to the creation of some of the most wonderful films of the last two decades, by working on them. Some production designers feel the need to put their own thumbprint on a movie. I’m of the mind that the best you could hope for is it gets up, walks away, and takes on a life of its own. One of my favorite quotes about the hard work that goes into film design is from one of our art directors, now a production designer, Jason Deamer: Pain is temporary. Suck is forever.

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