Guy Hendrix Dyas 2

Guy Hendrix Dyas 2

AS: Did Bryan Singer find you through ILM?
GHD: No, I left ILM after I did Twister in the 90’s. I had studied industrial design at art school and ILM for me was like film school. After ILM, I just loaded up my car and came down here to Los Angeles to try to become a production designer. I started by illustrating for other designers. And I’d been doing that for six or seven years, earning a reputation for being fast and good at what I did. Bryan loved my stuff and just said, You should be designing. He knew my background. He knew I’d worked for SONY designing some of the last generation walkmans and discmans. He felt I’d do a good job on X-Men 2. That was my first film and I loved it and never looked back.

I’d say to young designers just love what you do. There is good karma out there and if you work hard and if you develop your craft you will get a chance. But no one’s going to open the door and say, Hey, come design! You‘re gonna have to get out there and practice your art and your design and eventually someone will see you. If you don’t love designing, if it’s a chore to pick up a pencil or paint something, then do something else. But if you love it and become as good as you can as a craftsman, the job will find you.


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